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2 Pack Ice Roller



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2 Pack Ice Roller

About this Item:

After getting up in the morning, use the ice roller to massage your face, eyes and neck to eliminate facial dropsy and give you a fresh day. Practical Design : This ice roller have ergonomic design handle, with non-slip ABS material, lightweight, easy and convenient to grasp and hold; the big roller head filled in water and cooling ice beads, the smooth surface and ice cooling will have better effect for you. Safe & Convenient : This ice roller is battery-free, noise-free, non-toxic and waterproof, so you can wash it and use it anywhere and anytime. Skin Care and Healthy Care: This ice roller can help you solve your many skin issues like: Reduce wrinkles, puffiness, eliminate dark circles and eye bags, and shrink pores; it is also a cold therapy to reduce irritation and redness; it is also a massager to promote blood circulation and make you relax. Perfect Gift: The ice roller suitable for any ages and any skin types, it is a perfect gift to your family and friends or any other person who need it.

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