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30 Pairs 24K Gold Under Eye Patches



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30 Pairs 24K Gold Under Eye Patches

About this Item:

30 Pairs - We’ve included enough under eye patches to last a month or share with friends and make a night out of it. Ideal for bridal gifts, slumber parties, hangover kits, pre and post bach parties and pre zoom meetings. Individually Packed - Our 24K Gold Eye Mask are sealed in pairs for best hygiene practice. Our mask has a certificate of analysis and passed the HRIPT allergy evaluation. You should always perform an allergy patch test before use. Simply apply our product to a small area on your face (such as your jaw or side of your neck) to eliminate the chances of irritation. Snug Fit - We’ve tried it first. We’ve personally tested our collagen under eye mask for dark circles & under eye treatment for women and men. Our undereye gel patches form a snug fit allowing you to go about your business. Results - Leave Your Bags At Home. Our premium eye mask for puffiness and under eye bags treatment will rejuvenate, hydrate and lift your skin. Our Goal is to make you feel and look your best. Elevate your Skin Game

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