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60 Assorted Cards



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60 Assorted Cards

About this Item:

2x HOLO RARES GUARANTEED - Includes 2x Holographic Rare Cards guaranteed. Typical booster packs only include a Holo Rare 1 in every 3 packs, but with the GRAVITY BOOSTERS Bundle, you get two every time! 100% AUTHENTIC - Beware of people selling cards that aren't licensed and official. Rest assured that our cards are 100% official and genuine. We source, inspect and repackage our cards in the USA. PERFECT GIFT FOR ANY BOY OR GIRL - In stores it costs you $10 to get 20 cards. With this bundle you get 60 cards and two guaranteed holo rares for the same price! Your wallet will thank you and so will your loved one for choosing GRAVITY BOOSTERS. INCREDIBLE VARIETY - May contain cards from any set including the original Base Set, 1st Edition, Sword & Shield, Crown Zenith, Lost Origin, Silver Tempest, Scarlet & Violet, Paldea Evolved and more!! SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING - Typical Booster Packs come in a foil packaging that isn't great for the environment and hard to recycle. Our bundle comes in a reusable, sustainable GRAVITY BOOSTERS Deck Storage Box. Help defeat Team Rocket by protecting the environment!

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