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Ariel Swimming Mermaid Doll



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Ariel Swimming Mermaid Doll

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With realistic swimming motion and color-change, kids will love imagining the world under the waves with Swim and Splash Ariel, inspired by the Disney movie. Kids can squeeze the doll's hips to move her mermaid tail up and downjust like she's really swimming in the ocean. They can also use water to activate magical color change in Ariel doll's hair and tail. Includes an adorable seahorse friend that can clip to Ariel's arm, plus a tiara, necklace and dinglehopper for even more storytelling play. Just like in the movie, this Ariel doll has long red hair and wears her signature mermaid tail and seashell top, with a soft metallic fin. Makes a perfect gift for kids to play out their favorite movie moments or make up their own under-the-sea adventures with Ariel

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