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Arm Blood Pressure Monitor



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Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

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Accurate & Comprehensive Measurement Experience - Our blood pressure monitor uses high-precision sensors and advanced accuracy technology, taking an average of three readings to increase the reliability of readings. It ensures that users receive accurate blood pressure readings and pulse rate at the same time during measurement, and an irregular heartbeat indication in case of abnormal heartbeat. Easy To Use & Adjustable Cuff- Blood pressure cuff is an important part of blood pressure measurement, we use a large size BP cuff and easy to wear, so the adjustable arm range of 9-17 inches, lets most adults bring a good experience easy one-handed wearing. The intelligent pressurization technology can automatically control the inflation amount during measurement, without overpressurizing the arm, bringing a comfortable measurement feeling. Convenient & Fast- The blood pressure machine uses a one-touch quick measurement method to understand your body condition in just 40s, and with a large digital LED display, your blood pressure readings are visible day and night. It can be measured by either battery or USB-C adapter. So this is not only the blood pressure monitors for home use but also your health management partner in travel and work. Easy Switching Dual-user Memory- Simple button operation allows you to switch between dual users, up to 199 sets of memory per user eliminates the need for tedious manual recording of blood pressure data, our blood pressure monitor can automatically store a large number of readings, so you can keep track of your health. Reasons For Reading Discrepancies- There are several factors that can cause differences in readings, and when measuring upper arm blood pressure, you should try to avoid the influence of confounding factors such as eating and drinking, sports, and improperly wearing the BP cuff. We want you to use the product without worries and enjoy the convenience that comes with a high-quality BP monitor.

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