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BAIMEI Ice Roller and Gua Sha Facial Tool



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BAIMEI Ice Roller and Gua Sha Facial Tool

About this Item:

Frozen ice roller provide lasting coolness to help you reduce puffiness and wake you up, it's a choice of Mother's Day gifts. Packaging may vary. Effective benefits. Calm skin and reduce sunburns. Relieve pain, fatigue, decrease wrinkles and energize skin Gua Sha: not only can lift your skin and improve fine lines with upwards pressure, but it also helps to shape your jawline Suitable for all skin type. The ice-touch can work on your skin care in a physical way. It can be used on your face, neck, and each part of your body Easy to use. Freeze the face ice roller and guasha for 30 minutes before using. You will enjoy the cool sensation for 1 hour

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