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Blood Pressure Machine



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Blood Pressure Machine

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[Accurate and fast blood pressure machine] Each AILEblood pressure machine is constructed with a high precision Dutch chip and the most advanced algorithms available in 2022, each individually calibrated before leaving the factory, ready to use right out of the box and ensuring you get reliable readings. The AILE blood pressure machine gives you reliable diastolic and systolic blood pressures, as well as heart rate in just half a minute. Blood pressure 3 mmHg, pulse 5%. Accurate and fast. [Large Cuff for Wide Application] The AILE blood pressure machine comes with an adjustable Large size cuff with an upper arm range of 8.7 in - 16.5 in. Suitable for small arms and also for large arms. The strong Velcro around the cuff is freely adjustable and does not slip off when measuring. The large cuff is made of high quality dustproof material, well made, comfortable surface and easy to clean. AILE bp blood pressure monitor to protect your health! [Easy to use & read blood pressure machine] AILE blood pressure meter simple design. After putting on the cuff just press start button and then work automatically, simple and fast. It has a large LED electronic screen with bold font and the best viewing angle design with oblique angle of the screen. Very comfortable reading experience. No barriers for the elderly to use and read. [Memory function blood pressure machine] AILE blood pressure machine can automatically record 99 measurements from 2 users (198 in total), each with a time stamp so that you can review historical data and observe changes in blood pressure and heart rate. One blood pressure machine can be used for two people at the same time! The AILE blood pressure machine is a good choice for families! [High cost-effective blood pressure machine] AILE blood pressure machine is developed and sold by our own factory (B2B welcome) to save costs to the greatest extent. And we guarantee the best quality! Our chief engineering designer is from the United States; the chips are advanced chips from the Netherlands; the algorithms are the latest and greatest in 2022; the shell is made of high-density ABS, which is dirt-resistant, delicate and beautiful! [Out of box] The AILE blood pressure monitor comes with a USB cable and can also be used with 4*AAA batteries (batteries and AC adapter not included). 1* blood pressure monitor, 1* large cuff, 1* blood pressure indicator card, 1* manual, 1* USB cable. the AILE blood pressure monitor is compact and lightweight and can be used at home or in the office or on the go. About Blood pressure monitors' QA: 1 888-875-0846.

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