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Buffet Server



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Buffet Server

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INCLUDES THREE 2.5QT BUFFET TRAYS: Each stainless steel buffet trays comes with it own utensil slotted and transparent dome lids that is perfect for serving up three different dishes and keep food warm and fresh. STAINLESS STEEL WARMING BASE: Use the warming base as a stand-alone warmer with your own pans and dishes, or simply place small hors d'oeuvres directly on the base to keep warm. keeps wrapped food warm. ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE CONROLS: With 300 watts of power, you have three settings from LOW, MED and HIGH to keep dishes warm or hot. EASY TO USE: This electric buffet warmer is best for serving warm dishes Simply plug it in, place food into each of the warming trays & adjust the temperature to the desired setting. Keep the food warm by covering the trays with the included lids. CONVENIENT & PORTABLE: The food warming tray is easy to transport with its convenient carry handles. Perfect for any occasion anywhere, safe for most countertop, tabletop & kitchen top use. IDEAL FOR ALL EVENTS: Never serve cold dishes or allow food to get cold at parties, special events or other social functions.

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