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CAROTE 11pcs Pots and Pans Set



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CAROTE 11pcs Pots and Pans Set

About this Item:

For a Clutter-free cupboard: Optimal storage and easy stacking with the handles off saves up to 70% more space of Carote detachable handle pots and pans set. For a Fuss-free Cleaning: 5s cleaning, cleanup with 0 elbow grease. As both cookware set and a dishwasher set, 1-time cleaning for all. For an Effortlessly Move: Removable handle for the ultimate versatility– go from ALL kinds of hobs to the oven, to grill, to the fridge, and onto the table in one click. You Won’t Compromise on Quality: Balanced convenience-rich features, raipd&even heat transfer, and nonstick performance as the same as other Carote cookware sets. The Right Kitchen Set: Your best companion when it comes to healthy and simple cooking.

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