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Celeep Polyester Toddler Pillows Set



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Celeep Polyester Toddler Pillows Set

About this Item:

Cotton Ultra Soft – Made of a 100% Soft Cotton Cover and a 7D Hollow Siliconized Microfiber Filling, this pillow provides the premium comfort and support your kids' needs. Durable & Breathable – Keep your precious toddler safe and cozy. The Celeep Toddler Pillow contains the perfect amount of filling needed to cradle your toddler. Machine Washable – Once ready to clean, simply place them in a machine washer, apply a gentle cycle setting with cold water, and tumble dry on LOW when needed. Value – Get more for less. Avoid overpaying on single pillows for your kids. We’re providing TWO toddler pillows each measuring at 13” x 18” (inches). Best Bang For Your Buck - A great gift idea for kids and toddlers. Easily the best value Toddler Pillows one can buy, we have also gone the extra mile and made a statement to stand behind our Celeep Toddler Pillow!

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