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DreamGenius Razor Set 2 Handles and 19 Refills



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DreamGenius Razor Set 2 Handles and 19 Refills

About this Item:

6 Blades&Non-slip Handle The design of the blade can be closer to the human body shaving, easily remove excess hair, will not cut the skin and bumps, and does not require repeated shaving. The razor has a silicone grip, which makes it easy to control even in wet bathrooms. Easy to Carry : The razor is light and small, and each razor head is equipped with a protective sleeve, which provides more convenience for any scene in our daily life. Easy Replace : To replace the razor head, just hold the majority of the head with the blade facing down, press the button, then insert the handle into the back of the head until it snaps into place and remove the plastic top. Wide Range of Applications : In addition to the needs for daily shaving parts, such as arms and legs, the ergonomic head is also suitable for armpits, bikini lines and other areas that are difficult to fix. It is comfortable to use. Professional After-sales Service : We are equipped with a professional customer service team to solve all your problems, and promise that products that have problems can be returned unconditionally to solve your worries about purchasing.

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