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Duncan Toys Butterfly Yo Yo Mystery Color



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Duncan Toys Butterfly Yo Yo Mystery Color

About this Item:

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: The Duncan Butterfly Yo-Yo is made from a high-impact plastic with a fixed metal axle that cannot be screwed apart, designed to withstand plenty of use. WIDE DESIGN: The Butterfly Yo-Yo has a flared body shape that is ideal for performing string tricks. The wide string gap makes landing the yo-yo on the string much easier. STEEL AXLE: Features a steel metal axle for smooth performance and fast spins. This is a fixed axle that cannot be screwed apart. GREAT FOR BEGINNERS: The Butterfly Yo-Yo is one of Duncan's beginner yo-yo models, specially designed for learning the basics. PRODUCT DETAILS: Starburst response system. Weighs 48.8g. Colors may vary. Includes 1 yo-yo. Made of Durable Plastic Great For Beginners Steel Axle For Smooth Spins

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