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Electric Shaver



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Electric Shaver

About this Item:

High-Performance Hair Trimmer for Men - The Equinox International Beard Trimmer for Men and Haircut Kit is the latest in electric cordless hair clippers. With a durable haircut machine build to last you years without issues, our hair trimmer and beard trimmer for men features a high-performing motor to ensure a clean, precise hair cut every time Ergonomic Clippers for Men - Apart from its timeless design, our trimmer for men is also a user-friendly electric razor device. These cordless hair clippers for men are lightweight (0.5 lbs) with an on/off switch positioned in front of the electric razor body to prevent interference. Packaging May Vary - The packaging of your Hair Cutting Trimmer may show a Silver color exterior than the actual Gold Finish exterior of the Hair Cutting Trimmer Easy Maintenance, Water-Resistant Shaver for Men - Our beard trimmer for men comes with easy to attach guards that can be simply snapped on/off the men trimmer. These waterproof hair clippers can also be easily taken apart for cleaning using the free brush that comes with our men’s shaving kit Complete and Convenient Men’s Grooming Kit - Each beard trimmer kit comes with 1 travel bag for your hair cutting tools, 1 cleaning brush, 1 charging stand, 1 universal voltage charger, 8 guards (3/6/9/12/15 MM, Right Angle Comb, Left Angle Comb, Taper Guard Comb). The hair clippers also come with a 2000mA high-performance battery with 4 hrs run time. No blade oil is required to get a clean cut with this men's hair trimmer A Hair Cutting Kit Made for All Hair Types - Be it for your beard or body, for men or women, or straight, curly, or wavy hair - the Equinox International Clippers for Hair Cutting are safe and effective for anyone to use, anywhere. Whether as part of your home grooming kit or used as barber clippers for professional settings, our haircut clippers are a must-have for the prime and perfect prepping experience

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