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Firefly Ready Go Light Up Timer Toothbrush



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Firefly Ready Go Light Up Timer Toothbrush

About this Item:

Includes: 1 Firefly L.O.L. Surprise! themed Ready Go toothbrush with built-in light up timer and battery Encourage Brushing: Light up timer encourages proper brushing for your child by flashing for 1 minute, the dentist recommended time for properly cleaning each row of teeth Premium Bristles: With premium soft bristles designed especially for little ones, this light up toothbrush for kids gently brushes away plaque, helping prevent gum disease and tooth decay Dentist Recommended: Dentists recommend brushing your child's teeth for 2 minutes, twice per day for proper oral care, resulting in healthy teeth and brighter smiles Easy Storage: Your child's light up toothbrush comes with a less mess suction cup bottom for convenient standup storage and a cleaner bathroom, making organization simple!

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