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Goodful Hammered Carbon Steel Pow Wok Pan with Lid Cookware Set



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Goodful Hammered Carbon Steel Pow Wok Pan with Lid Cookware Set

About this Item:

CLASSIC DESIGN OF AUTHENTIC PROFESSIONAL WOK: The Goodful Wok is a carbon steel pan constructed to deliver authentic results. The professionally crafted wooden handle ensures maximum control and comfort with any cooking technique. The real wooden lid helps retain moisture to help food cook faster. COOKING VERSATILITY: The 13 Inch carbon steel, flat bottom wok is designed for high-performance with even heat distribution while cooking on a wide variety of surfaces including induction cooktops, electric stove top, gas stove, glass stove top, or ceramic stove ENDLESS MEAL OPTIONS: Everything from pan frying, searing, brazing, stir-frying, flash frying, steaming, poaching, boiling and any other technically demanding cooking techniques are at your fingertips. Great new home essentials, kitchen essentials for a gift registry, or for large family meals. READ BEFORE USE: The first time using your new wok, remove all packaging, wash your pan in warm water, DO NOT USE SOAP. DRY THOROUGHLY AND IMMEDIATELY, then apply a light coating of vegetable oil or cooking spray to the cooking surface. Wok must be completely dry before seasoning, it is recommended to heat the wok over low heat until completely dry, then coat the pan lightly with vegetable oil and wipe clean with a paper towel before use or storing. NATURALLY NONSTICK AND EASY TO CLEAN: Our natural non-stick, high-grade carbon steel interior of these pans allow food to effortlessly glide out of the wok. Allows for easy clean-up in between uses. Please read instructions on how to properly care for the wok for the longevity of this cooking set.

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