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Hardware Organizer Box



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Hardware Organizer Box

About this Item:

ADJUSTABLE COMPARTMENTS: The Performance Tool W54037 26 Adjustable Compartment Hardware Organizer Box features adjustable compartments, allowing you to customize the organization of your nuts, bolts, screws, nails, and other small hardware. CLEAR COVER: The clear cover of the organizer box makes it easy to quickly identify the contents of each compartment, saving you time and effort. SECURE LATCH: The secure latch on the organizer box ensures that the compartments stay closed and your hardware stays in place, even during transport. HEAVY DUTY HANDLE: The heavy duty built-in handle on the organizer box makes it easy to carry and transport, even when fully loaded. COLOR LABELS: The organizer box comes with color labels, allowing you to easily categorize and differentiate between your different types of hardware.

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