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HeroLabs Hydrocolloid Acne Pimple Patch 144 Count



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HeroLabs Hydrocolloid Acne Pimple Patch 144 Count

About this Item:

Heal Acne Quickly & Discreetly - These superior pimple patches are blended with tea tree oil for a soothing effect while your acne heals. It absorbs fluid from the pimple, preventing new acne from forming and scarring. HeroLabs acne patches work best on whiteheads. Tree Oil Infusion - Tea tree oil helps your pimple patch heal acne even faster. Each hydrocolloid acne patch has the perfect amount of tea tree oil for faster healing, reduced redness, and less swelling. Improve your looks easily! Made for All - Inclusivity is important! Our high-grade hydrocolloid stickers have been used on every skin-tone so everyone can go incognito. This acne aid works for every skin type and is safe even for the most sensitive. 144 Pack, 2 Different Sizes - Big or small, we've got you covered. We have 2 size pimple patches for all sized pimples. You can wear it day and night to make your zit less noticeable. Enjoy Your Clean Skin - We hope that you have only a happy experience with HeroLabs! If you have any questions about our acne treatments, simply contact us, we will answer as soon as possible and make things right! The customer support team is ready to help you 24/7.

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