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KidKraft Pirate's Cove Wooden Ship Play Set



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KidKraft Pirate's Cove Wooden Ship Play Set

About this Item:

Not only does this set include an impressive pirate ship, it also docks up next to an amazing four-story pirate hideout that includes furniture to fill the rooms A pirate's booty is to be guarded closely. This treasure chest glows when the button is pressed to make it easier to spot Move supplies from ship to house with the real working crane. Turn the knob to raise and lower A full pirate crew is included to steer the ship and man the sails. They're bendable too for even more realism Get caught stealing the treasure, and it's off to jail for you! Luckily, there's a cell on the lower level, complete with bars and working door A crow's nest is the perfect place to spy oncoming ships and storms on the horizon

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