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Mamatepe 2-in-1 Portable Bottle Warmer



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Mamatepe 2-in-1 Portable Bottle Warmer

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Ready Milk in 4 Mins: Warm milk safely, quickly, and evenly just 4 minutes to heat 4OZ. Slow heating technology carefully preserves nutrients in breastmilk and formula so your baby can enjoy a nutritious meal wherever you are. (NOTE: Bottle Adapter not Included) 2-in-1 Functions & Easy to Use: Our portable bottle warmer can be used as a water bottle and heat breast milk. Just screw the bottle directly into the unit or fit it with an appropriate adapter for a secure, leak-proof fit. Even for new parents, you can easily handle this portable bottle warmer and soothe your hungry baby with a warm milk bottle within a few minutes! Precise Temperature: 4 Temperature options include 98℉, 104℉, 113℉, and 122℉. With a built-in temperature sensor to heat much more precisely than heating in the water. Real-time temp display to monitor and check the temp.98°F is the ideal temperature for breastfeeding, and 104°F is recommended for brewing milk powder. Traveling with Baby: Portable bottle warmer for travel and heats milk when you are out and about. Whether out to the park or headed on an epic road trip, your little one can enjoy a nutritious meal. Upgraded 9000 mAh Battery: Ideal for on the go. Perfect for long car journeys, plane rides, or trips in the stroller. 30-40mins battery life allows you to plan for an all-day trip.

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