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Microfiber Duster with Extension



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Microfiber Duster with Extension

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We Use Thicker Stainless Steel Pole, There Will Be No “Rotates” Or “Flimsy” After We Have Reinforced The Pole. We Specially Upgraded The Connecting Part And Thickened The Connector, This Is A Big Improvement Over Other Dusters Sold On Amazon. Microfiber Dusters for Cleaning Our duster cleaning kit has a new upgraded 2.5m telescopic pole, a bendable microfiber duster head, a crevice brush, two flat brush dust cloths, and a chenille duster head. A diverse cleaning kit can handle different cleaning scenarios. The fluffy microfiber and soft rubber on the top ensure that the surface of the sofa, furniture, or wall will not be scratched during the cleaning process. New Upgrade Long Duster with Extension Pole Our extendable pole is made of stainless steel, has the ability to extend up to a whopping 100 inches. Since in the market, stainless steel rod and duster will rotate through tight splicing, and the connector is easy to break(we specially upgraded the connecting part and thickened the connector and thick pole), you don't have to worry about the duster rotating and the connector breaking as before. Microfiber Chenille Feather Duster & Retractable Gap Dust Brush Cleaner Our duster head is a flexible 360 which can be bent to any angle. It becomes electrostatically charged as you use it, attracting dust, pollen, and hairs with ease. Its fluffy microfiber and soft rubber on the top ensure that the surface of the sofa, wall, or furniture will not be scratched during the cleaning process. Washable & Detachable The Duster's head is detachable, just slide the top of the microfiber from the duster core and it can be hand or machine washable of the wash with the microfiber cleaning cloth. (Notice: the microfiber feather duster can only be washed directly by hand). Space Saving & Wide Applications The cleaner features a tail suspension design, which is easy to hang and can even be disassembled and stored in a drawer to save space. Great for cleaning dust up to your household appliances, fan, cars, cobweb or down on gaps, the bottom of household appliances, furniture, window blinds, car, photo frames, and corner, gap, or your walls.

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