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Mothercould Sunscreen Brush Set



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Mothercould Sunscreen Brush Set

About this Item:

TWO BRUSH SIZES: Soft-bristled brushes make applying sunscreen a breeze; use the small brush for delicate areas like the face and the larger brush for the body PARENTING HACK: Make your life easier, keep your hands clean, and say goodbye to the struggle of applying sunscreen to wiggly kids and hard-to-reach places like the back and shoulders PERFECT FOR TRAVEL: Compact and portable sunscreen brush set is designed for families on the go, it’s the perfect travel size for vacations, beach trips, and sporting events; includes brush caps for no mess when storing EASY CLEANING: Silicone brush cleaning mat makes washing quick and easy, spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying the outdoors with your family MULTIPURPOSE: Sunscreen brush and cleaning pad can be used for other products like makeup, lotions, and more; get the most out of your purchase with this versatile set

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