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Suob Vacuum Storage Bags 10 Bags



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Suob Vacuum Storage Bags  10 Bags

About this Item:

Set of 10 Vacuum Storage Bags Compression Bags - The package contains 4xSmall Roll up Compressions bags for travel, 2xJumbo, 2xMedium, 2xSmall vacuum bags, a hand pump and a pack of zipper clips, Ideal for the storage of seasonal clothing and bedding Strong Sealing & Protect - Our vacuum storage bags have a double zip seal & Triple-Seal Turbo Valve for easy air removal and no air leak back,the design can withstand long-term storage, keeping them safe from dust, moisture, and odors Save Space - With Suob's reusable vacuum storage bags, you can easily compress your clothes, blankets, and other items up to 80% of their original size, saving valuable space in your closet or luggage Easy to Use & Store - Simply pack, seal, remove air with the hand pump or any stranded vacuum cleaner with hose, the flexible, foldable design makes storage in closets, under beds, or in suitcases easy Durable and Versatility - Suob's vacuum storage bags are made of PA&PE thick film materia, that's BPA-free, soft, durable, waterproof, and tear-resistant, Available in different sizes to suit every user's needs

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