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TYMO Hair Dryer



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TYMO Hair Dryer

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Power-Packed Lightweight Design: At just 0.8lb, the TYMO AIRHYPE Lite Hair Dryer brilliantly balances power and portability. Its compact size and feather-light construction make it an ideal companion for travel or comfortable home use, eliminating arm strain without compromising on performance. Half-Time Rapid Drying: The 110,000 rpm brushless motor of the TYMO hair dryer channels a high-speed airflow of 23m/s, halving the drying time compared to traditional hair dryers. This enables salon-grade efficiency at home, transforming your hair from damp to dry in no time. Dynamic Ionic Technology for Smooth Finishes: The TYMO hair dryer harnesses the power of negative ion technology, releasing billions of ions to smooth frizz, repair hair, and lock in moisture. Accompanied by a magnetic smoothing nozzle, it guarantees precision styling for a sleek, voluminous finish. Advanced Thermoregulation for Safe, Noiseless Operation: Our hair dryer boasts an intelligent dual T-Sensor that regulates temperature 500 times per second, ensuring fast yet damage-free drying. Its low-noise design further makes for a peaceful grooming experience, suitable even in households with children. Intuitive Control Customization: Tailor your drying experience with four selectable temperature settings and three speed options, along with the cool shot mode for quick, cold-air blasts. The user-friendly indicator lights, coupled with an 8 ft cord, cater to both home and professional salon settings effortlessly.

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