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Wireless Motion Sensor Light 2 Pack



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Wireless Motion Sensor Light 2 Pack

About this Item:

Infrared Induction, Motion Detection :The PIR sensors on the motion sensor lights detect human motion by sensing the temperature changes within the detection area(Range: 13ft, Angle: 120°). Once detecting your approaching, the light is activated and will shut off after 20s you leave, making it convenient to use under low light conditions. 40-LED Light with 4 switch Modes :LED beads are hidden behind the thinner housings of the night lights, delivering even and gentle 8000K white light that is free of dazzling, video flash, or harm to the eyes. Higher lumen up to 250±20% achieves a optimum illuminated area. switch Modes: (ON/OFF) Mode, All-Day (Auto) Mode, Weak Light (Night)Mode. USB C Charging, No Battery Required :Charge the under cabinet lighting by plugging the included USB-C charging cable into a PC, socket, or power bank. The inbuilt 2000mAh lithium battery about 3 hours to get a full charge and powers the LED light for 1.5 to 2 months (if the light is activated five times a day). Charge occasionally but benefit daily. Magnetic Absorption, Effortless Installation :No drilling or screwing is needed for installation. With the help of the strong magnet inside the closet light, you can choose between two installation methods - directly absorbing onto metal surfaces or utilizing the adhesive tapes and metal pieces. When necessary, take the lights down for illumination at any time. Multi-Scene Applicable Wireless LED Lights :The wireless under counter lights for kitchen is designed for multiple uses. This safe and convenient motion sensor light is a safe and great illumination solution for the baby room, stairs, basement, storeroom, cabinet, wardrobe, garage, and trunk. Serve as an emergency light, just in case.

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