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Top 10 Holiday Trending Toys 2022

Turn up the holidays with the top 10 Holiday Trending Toys for 2022!

We can all agree only Santa knows if you have been naughty or nice. But here at Frustration Free Deals, we have been doing our research on this year‘s top holiday toys, to help you track down all toys, games, and gadgets that are sure to be all the rage. As the Holidays are quickly approaching, no matter what your kid enjoys, you will find tons of Christmas ideas on our list.

Holiday shopping looks like it will be a little more normal this year, but pandemic supply chain issues aren't quite over, so it can't hurt to shop early.

What do you think about this year's list? Would you agree or disagree with the experts?

Most of the toys are already on sale for Black Friday. Others are holding on till the day of Black Friday to Lower their prices. Whether it’s a small drop or a big one like the ice cream counter, these toys will be on Sale and you will be able to snatch the Deal. What are the top toys that you are looking for this year?

For more shopping ideas and inspirations, check out Amazon's 2022 Top Holiday Toys.

1). Magical Misting Crystal Ball - $64.00 (Original Price: $84.99)

Magical Misting Crystal Ball

We often hear not all sequels can live up to the original, but when it comes to this year’s Magic Mixies toy (a crystal ball that mists and lights up to reveal a magical furry pet), the experts feel confident it will sell just as quickly as the Magic Mixies Magical Misting Cauldron did last year. Your child can put the toy in “fortune telling” mode to ask the Mixie questions (and it answers them.). The toy also comes with game mode, as well as many interactive reactions that are sure to keep your child entertained for a long time. A nighttime feature has been added to keep to make sure your child will love their mixie. All this can be repeated up to 40 times before the mist runs out, but refills are available.

2). Monster Jam Garage - $44.99 (Original Price: $49.99)

Monster Jam Garage

When it comes to supersized they were not kidding, the monster jam set stands four feet wide and two feet high, allowing your race track lover to have plenty of room for epic stunts! Comes with lights, sounds, and a working elevator for kids to load their trucks into. With every parent in mind allowing it to act as a storage for the monster trucks when it is not in use. Recommend for ages 3 and up.

3). Squishmallows Mystery Box - $22.99 (Original Price: $22.99)

Squishmallows Mystery Box

There is no such thing as too many Squishmallow. You can now purchase a surprise box of not one but three Squishmallows. Yes, please! These plushies can be found at any given time all over our home, but we never get tired of collecting them. The Mystery Boy toy will bring 3 randomly chosen plush. This 8-inch, soft Squishmallows are recommended for all ages.

4). Magna-Tiles Glow In The Dark Set - $26.00 (Original Price: $29.99)

Magna-Tiles Glow In The Dark Set

Ignite your child’s imagination with the glow 16-piece Magna-Tiles set. Magna- Tiles is one of our favorite go to toy in our home, and I’m sure the glow new set will add creative ways to maximize your home play. Just remember to let these super charge in the sun or risk disappointing the kids come bedtime when their blocks don’t glow. Recommended for ages 3 and up due to the magnets.

5). Scoop and Serve Ice Cream Counter - $30.48 (Original Price: $64.99)

Scoop and Serve Ice Cream Counter

When it comes to pretend play Melissa & Dough is the go-to in our home, this 28-piece play food set serves up their favorite scoops and topping at any given time. The set comes with a scopper and menu for a nonending fun time

6). Encanto The Madrigal House Lego set - $39.99 (Original Price: $49.99)

Encanto The Madrigal House Lego set

If your child can't stop singing about ”La Familia Madrigal” and we don’t talk about Bruno is playing on repeat, this Disney Lego set is for them. It is a fun set with nearly 600 pieces and several mini figuring. Recommended for ages 6 and up.

7). GeoSafari Jr. Talking Kids Microscope - $33.99 (Original Price: $54.99)

GeoSafari Jr. Talking Kids Microscope

When it comes to preschool-ready this STEM toy will not disappoint. Bring out the little scientists while stretching out their curiosity. It comes with 20 slides (60 pictures) for little ones to explore through the talking microscope. Parents can set in Quiz Mode at any given time to see how much they were listening. Requires AAA batteries. Recommended for ages 4 and up.

8). Bluey Ultimate Lights And SoundsPlayhouse - $89.00 (Original Price: $99.99)

Bluey Ultimate Lights And SoundsPlayhouse

Bluey the very popular Australian preschool animated television series has not only stolen our kid's hearts with its beautiful storytelling but also their parent's. You can now purchase toys from this very popular tv show and this one is one to set to become a favorite toy this Holliday season. It folds, so you can easily move it from room to room, and includes all your favorite Bluey characters

9). Criss-Cross Crash Track​​​​ - $58.99 (Original Price: $58.99)

Criss-Cross Crash Track

Although a lot of floor space will be required for this toy, you can rest assured the trills will be never-ending. With four loops and four booster opportunities, this motorized track is sure to make many race fans happy this holiday season. It comes with only one car, buying extras will be a great addition to their stocking. Recommended for ages 5 and up.

10). Toniebox Audio Player - $129.00 (Original Price: $144.96)

Toniebox Audio Player

The Tonie box has become one of this year’s favorite item in our home. Not only is it toddler friendly, but it is extremely easy for little hands to operate. All you need to do is simply place the Frozen character on top of the box and each one plays a variety of songs or stories unique to them. It’s rechargeable and portable, too. (Additional characters are available for purchasing) Recommended for ages 3 and up.


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